The VR tool of Rücker for production planning in automotive industry uses a large number of externally created 3D models in different formats. The models which are usually generated from CAD are not optimized with respect to memory and/or speed performance. Hence, real-time animations of complete shop floors with a lot of moving materials, robots, and humans become very difficult.

On the basis of OpenGL Performer [[*]], which offers several possibilities to improve performance, i.e. the frame rate, a tool for automatic model conversion has been developed such that the visual impression for the user is not affected but the cost of rendering is reduced as much as possible.

In particular, the problem of removing holes, defects, empty and hidden triangles has been tackled together with an automatic generation of levels of detail (LOD) by coarser triangulation. Depending on the distance between viewer and object each object is visualized on a certain LOD. The online-access to WIAS-reduce via http://www1.wias-berlin.de/people/bremer/cgi/reduce/reduce needs authorization.