Random Geometric Systems

Welcome to the homepage of the new DFG Priority Programme "Random Geometric Systems" (SPP 2265 "Zufällige geometrische Systeme").


This Priority Programme is coordinated by with the programme committee:

Scientific Focus

This Priority Programme (PP) is devoted to the mathematical analysis of effects and phenomena that emerge from an interplay between randomness and geometry. Analytical work will be dominant, but simulations, numerical, statistical and modelling work will also be part of the programme. Many questions of intrinsic mathematical interest will be attacked. Disciplines like physics, materials science and telecommunication will be crucial sources of problems, motivations, models and solutions. The main focus will lie on the development of new and the refinement of existing methods, and on the creation and analysis of new random spatial models. Goals comprise the rigorous description and analysis of

The above questions are fundamental and ubiquitous; this PP will bring substantial new development into various timely directions, like time-dependent random media, continuous-space modelling, long-range dependence of interactions, description of entire geometries instead of characteristic quantities, the introduction of spatiality into mean-field models, and more. The most recent activities in the field will be merged and further explored, new analytic and modelling paradigms will be developed.

A systematic transfer of questions from the applied sciences into mathematics will be an integral part of this PP. In this sense, the PP has an interdisciplinary outreach, with a major focus in probability. The main body of research that will be done in this PP will concentrate on the topics


The decision to set up this PP was taken by the DFG on 27 March 2019.
It is hoped to publish a call for individual projects here during May 2019.
Research within this PP should begin during the year 2020.