Willem van Zuijlen

I am a postdoc at the Weierstrass Institute in Berlin, in the research group Interacting Random Systems.
I am also part of the Dynamical Systems/Stochastics group at the Freie Universität.
My main scientific interests lie in the treatment of models from stochastic analysis and statistical mechanics. I am working on topics like spectra of random operators, behaviour of singular stochastic partial differential equations, (self-repellent) random walks in random media, dynamical Gibbs-non-Gibbs transitions, and derive rigorous results about their asymptotic behaviour by using tools from analysis.

If you are interested in writing your Bachelor or Masters Thesis with me, feel free to send me an email. Moreover, I am eligible to be a BMS mentor. Feel welcome to write me to be your mentor.

I am taking care of the SPP2265 Website. For updates please contact me via spp2265 (at) wias-berlin.de.


See also wias-berlin.de for my contact information.

Address: Weierstrass Institute

Dr. Willem van Zuijlen

Mohrenstrasse 39

10117 Berlin

Email: vanzuijlen (at) wias-berlin.de