Willem van Zuijlen
Willem van Zuijlen
Willem van Zuijlen
Willem van Zuijlen
Willem van Zuijlen

I am a postdoc at the Weierstrass Institute in Berlin, in the research group Interacting Random Systems.

My main scientific interests lie in the treatment of models from stochastic analysis and statistical mechanics. I am working on topics like spectra of random operators, behaviour of singular stochastic partial differential equations, self-repellent random walks in random media, dynamical Gibbs-non-Gibbs transitions, and derive rigorous results about their asymptotic behaviour by using technical tools from analysis.

I am taking care of the SPP2265 Website. For updates please contact me via spp2265 (at) wias-berlin.de.


See also wias-berlin.de for my contact information.

Address: Weierstrass Institute

Dr. Willem van Zuijlen

Mohrenstrasse 39

10117 Berlin

Email: vanzuijlen (at) wias-berlin.de

Full Curriculum Vitae

CV November 2021

Academic positions

01/2021 -

Postdoc position at WIAS Berlin.

06/2018 - 12/2020

Postdoc within SPP1590 Probabilistic Structures in Evolution. WIAS Berlin.

10/2016 - 05/2019

Postdoc within FOR2402 Rough paths, stochastic partial differential equations and related topics. WIAS Berlin and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

Academic eduction

2012 - 2016

PhD in Mathematics Leiden University
Thesis: Gibbs-non-Gibbs Transitions and Vector-Valued Integration.
Supervisors: F. den Hollander, F. Redig

2010 - 2012

Masters in Mathematics Radboud University Nijmegen
Thesis: Integration for functions with values in a Riez space.
Advisor: A. van Rooij

2007 - 2012

Bachelor in Mathematics Radboud University Nijmegen
Thesis: C(X) determines X
Advisor: A. van Rooij

Research Interests

  • Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
  • Paracontrolled Calculus
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Large deviations
  • Gibbs-non-Gibbs transitions
  • Partially Ordered Vector spaces and Riesz space theory
  • Measure and Integration Theory

Publications and preprints

To some papers there is an ''own version'', which is an extended version with additional calculations given in yellow.

  • W. König, N. Perkowski, W. van Zuijlen, Longtime asymptotics of the two-dimensional parabolic Anderson model with white-noise potential
    To appear in Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré.
    [arXiv] [Version + calculations]
  • N. Perkowski, W. van Zuijlen, Quantitative heat kernel estimates for diffusions with distributional drift Potential Analysis (2022).
    [Journal] [arXiv] [Version + calculations]
  • K. Chouk, W. van Zuijlen, Asymptotics of the eigenvalues of the Anderson Hamiltonian with white noise potential in two dimensions Annals of Probability. 49 no.4 (2021):1917-1964.
    [Journal] [Pdf] [arXiv] [Version + calculations]
  • R. Kraaij, F. Redig, W. van Zuijlen, A Hamilton-Jacobi point of view on mean-field gibbs-non-gibbs transitions Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. 374 no.8 (2021):5287-5329.
    [Journal] [arXiv]
  • W. van Zuijlen Large Deviations of Continuous Regular Conditional Probabilities Journal of Theoretical Probability. 31 no.2 (2018):1058-1096.
    [Journal] [arXiv]
  • A.C.M. van Rooij, W.B. van Zuijlen, Bochner integrals in ordered vector spaces Positivity. 21 no.3 (2017):1089-1113.
    [Journal] [arXiv]
  • A.C.M. van Rooij, W.B. van Zuijlen Integrals for functions with values in a partially ordered vector space Positivity. 22 no.4 (2016):877-916.
    [Journal] [arXiv]
  • F. den Hollander, F. Redig, W. van Zuijlen Gibbs-non-Gibbs dynamical transitions for mean-field interacting Brownian motions Stochastic Processes and their Applications. 125 no.1 (2015):371-400. [Journal] [arXiv]


Summer term 2022:

SPDEs: Classical and new
Tuesday 16:00 - 18:00. All announcements are communicated via Whiteboard.

Winter term 2021:

Theory of function spaces and applications
All announcements and updates of the lecture notes are communicated via Whiteboard.
Lecture Notes Theory of Function Spaces April 2022.

Summer term 2021:

Integraltransformationen und partielle Differentialgleichungen für Ingenieurwissenschaften TU Berlin. All the information goes via isis.tu-berlin.de/course/view.php?id=24239

Summer term 2020:

Theory of function spaces and applications

Lecture Notes Theory of Function Spaces 2020.

Teaching Assistent at the Leiden University

Autumn 2015 Random Walks. (Bachelor) Lecture Notes
Autumn 2014 Random Walks. (Bachelor)
Spring 2014 Random Walks. (Bachelor)
Autumn 2013 Functional Analysis. (Master, Dutch `Mastermath' programme)
Spring 2013 Statistics (Bachelor, for the studies Life Science and Technology)
Autumn 2012 Calculus (Bachelor, for the studies Biopharmaceutical Science)

Teaching Assistent at the Radboud University Nijmegen

Spring 2012 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (Bachelor)
Autumn 2011 Analysis 2 (Bachelor)
Spring 2011 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (Bachelor)
Autumn 2010 Advanced Statistics (Bachelor)
Spring 2010 Analysis 1 (Bachelor)
Autumn 2009 Numbers (Introduction to Algebra and Analysis) (Bachelor)