Mathematical Miscellany

In this page you will find miscellaneous information about mathematics relating to ICMs or India contributed by different people. The title (Mathematical Miscellany), as many would know, is borrowed from that of a well known book by the famous Cambridge mathematician J E Littlewood.

The International Congress of Mathematicians is being held at Hyderabad during the year 2010 with generous grants from the Government of India which has been very supportive of Science education and research. The man who initiated this policy of support to Science was India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. This link contains an excerpt, on ancient Indian mathematics, from his delightful book “Discovery of India”. It brings out Nehru’s fascination for Science, Mathematics in particular, and his deep understanding of its role in society. The book was written during 1942-43 in jail when he was imprisoned by the British colonial administration”.

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