Organization – Subcommittees

The Executive organising Committee has constituted subcommittees to oversee various aspects of the organisation of ICM-2010 in Hyderabad. The composition and the functions and responsibilities of the various committees are described below.

KW Conferences is the PCO appointed by the Executive Organising Committee (EOC) to assist it in the conduct of the event. The PCO will have the responsibility for all practical aspects of the organisation of the Congress such as arrangements for transport, accommodation registration, tours etc. and will function under the supervision of the EOC.

Queries relating to different matters may be addressed to the chair of the relevant committees whose contact information is given below.

Finance Committee

The committee will be responsible for the control of funds for diverse activities connected with the ICM. The committee will periodically review expenditure. It may also take decisions concerning reallocating budgeted amounts under different heads.

1. M.S. Raghunathan (Chair)
2 T. Amarnath
3. S.G. Dani
4. R. Tandon
5. Member-Secretary, NBHM
6. Joint Secretary (R&D), DAE

PCO Liaison Committee

This committee will supervise the work of the PCO selected.

1. R. Tandon (Chair)
2. T. Amarnath
3. S. Kumaresan
4. G. Misra
5. G. Rangarajan
6. Rahul Roy

Website Management Committee

This committee will manage the Website of ICM-2010 and will also liaise with other organisations in matters relating to website.
1. G. Misra (Chair)
2. P.A. Gastesi
3. Madhavan Mukund
4. G. Rangarajan
5. Vishnu Namboothiri K

Programme Committee

This committee will draw up a detailed schedule of the Plenary talks, Invited Lectures, Paper Reading sessions and also other activities to be organised during the ICM. The committee may come up with ideas for these other activities.

1. S. Kesavan (Chair)
2. T. Amarnath
3. Rajendra Bhatia
4. G. Rangarajan
5. R. Tandon

Cultural Events Committee

This committee will be responsibile for organising cultural events during the congress.

1. R. Tandon (Chair)
2. J. Anuradha
3. S. Kesavan
4. M.S. Raghunathan

Publicity Committee

This committee is charged with the responsibility of disseminating information and interacting with the media.

1. M.S. Raghunathan (Chair)
2. S. Kesavan
3. R.Ramachandran
3. G. Rangarajan
4. Rahul Roy

General Assembly Committee

This committee will be responsible for organising the General Assembly in Bangalore during August 16/17.

1. G. Misra (Chair)
2. Shobha Madan
3. Tirtankar Bhattacharya
4. G. Rangarajan
5. T.S.S.R.K. Rao
6. I.S. Shivakumara
7. Mythily Rmaswamy

Proceedings Publication Committee

This committee will be given the responsibility of bringing out the Proceedings of the Congress and carrying out all the editorial work related to it.

1. Rajendra Bhatia (Chair)
2. P.A.Gastesi
3. Arup Pal
4. G. Rangarajan
5. V. Srinivas
6. M. Vanninathan

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