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Preprints/Reports an anderen Einrichtungen

    A. CHAMPNEYS, J. HäRTERICH , B. SANDSTEDE, A non-transverse homoclinic orbit to a saddle-node equilibrium, Appl. Nonl. Math. Research Report 2.94, University of Bristol, 1994.

    J. ELSCHNER, I. GRAHAM, Quadrature methods for Symm's integral equations on polygons, Preprint 94/21, School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath, 1994.

    H. GAJEWSKI, K. GäRTNER, On the discretization of van Roosbroeck's equations with magnetic field, Technical Report 94/14, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Institut für Integrierte Systeme, 1994.

    G. HEBERMEHL, G. REINHARDT , R. SCHLUNDT, Direct and Iterative Methods of the Linear Algebra for Distributed Memory Concurrent Computers, in PC User Report, Projects in Massively Parallel Computing 1994, B. Bauer, ed., vol. TR-009-94 of Technical Report PC, 1994, pp. 65--68.

    R. KORNHUBER, Monotone Multigrid Methods for Variational Inequalities ii, Preprint SC 93-19, Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum, Berlin, 1994.

    R. LAUTERBACH, S. MAIER-PAAPE , E. REISSNER, A systematic study of heteroclinic cycles in dynamical systems with broken spherical symmetries, Preprint 309, Inst. f. Math. Univ. Augsburg, 1994.

    O. LEPSKII, E. MAMMEN , V. SPOKOINY, Optimal spatial adaptation to inhomogeneous smoothness: an approach based on kernel estimates with variable bandwidth selectors, Discussion Paper 1/94, SFB 373, Humboldt--Universität Berlin, 1994.

    V. MAZ'YA, G. SCHMIDT, On approximate approximations, Preprint LITH-MAT-R-94-12, Univ. Linkoping, 1994.

    G. MILSTEIN, E. PLATEN, The integration of stiff stochastic differential equations with stable second moments, Research Report No. SRR 014-94, The Australian National Univ., 1994.

    M. NEUMANN, Spectral density estimation via nonlinear wavelet methods for stationary non-gaussian time series, Statistics Research Report No. SRR 028-94, CMA, Australian National University, Canberra, 1994.

    M. NEUMANN, V. SPOKOINY, On the efficiency of wavelet estimators under arbitrary error distributions, Discussion Paper 4/94, Humboldt University, Berlin, SFB 373, 1994.

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