Optical Solitons and Frequency Comb Generation - Abstract

Maistrenko, Yuriy

Dissipative solitons for delayed-feedback systems

We demonstrate how nonlinear delayed-feedback in the Ikeda equation can induce solitary impulses, i.e. dissipative solitons. The soliton state is clearly identified in a virtual space-time representation of the equations with delay, under a condition of bi-stability of the nonlinear function. The phenomenon is revealed for a nonlinear photonic system with two highly asymmetric delays [1], and for an electronic experiment with only one delay with negative feedback [2]. Along with the single spiking soliton, a variety of compound soliton-based structures is obtained. The number of coexisting multi-soliton states is fast growing with delay opening new perspectives in the context of information storage. 1. D. Brunner, B. Penkovsky, R. Levchenko, E. Schöll, L. Larger, and Yu. Maistrenko. Two-dimensional spatiotemporal complexity in dual-delayed nonlinear feedback systems: Chimeras and dissipative solitons. Chaos 28, 103106 (2018). 2. V. Semenov and Yu. Maistrenko. Dissipative solitons for bistable delayed-feedback systems. Chaos 28, 101103 (2018).