Optical Solitons and Frequency Comb Generation - Abstract

Schelte, Christian

Tunable Kerr frequency combs and cavity solitons in a nonlinear time-delayed Gires--Tournois interferometer

we study theoretically a new set-up allowing for the generation of cavity solitons and frequency combs. The setup is compact (a few cm) and can be implemented using established technologies, while offering tunable repetition rates and potentially high power operation. It consists in a vertical micro-cavity, operated in the Gires-Tournois regime, containing a Kerr medium. The micro-cavity experiences strong time-delayed optical feedback as well as detuned optical injection. We present sets of multistable dark and bright cavity solitons coexisting on their respective bistable homogeneous backgrounds. Cavity Solitons appear through the locking of pairs of front. The third order dispersion induced by the Gires-Tournois interferometer causes the further locking of the cavity solitons via their oscillating tails, which leads to regular and potentially useful frequency combs for optical data transmission and metrology.