Optical Solitons and Frequency Comb Generation - Abstract

Yulin, Alexey

Spontaneous symmetry breaking and the formation of nonlinear optical patterns in the systems with bound states in the continuum

The effect of bound state in the continuum (BIC) consists in the overlap of the discrete and continuum parts of the spectrum of the eigenmodes. In the context of the quasi-guided modes experiencing radiative losses this can be seen as the existence of a ?dark? ( non-radiating ) mode having high Q factor. The radiating ?bright? states can be directly excited by the external pump, but the ?dark? state cannot. In the talk it will be discussed how parametric effects can lead to spontaneous symmetry breaking and to the formation of the hybrid mode due to parametric excitation of the ?dark? mode by the ?bright? ones. The dynamics of the bright and grey dissipative solitons nestling on the hybrid mode is considered. The spontaneous symmetry breaking and the pattern formation in the arrays of the lasing BIC states is also considered.