Nonlinear Waves and Turbulence in Photonics 2022 - Abstract

Huyet, Guillaume

Dynamics of nonlinear mirror lasers

Using a simple delay differential equation model we study theoretically the dynamics of a unidirectional class-A ring laser with a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror. We perform analytical linear stability analysis of the CW regimes in the large delay limit and demonstrate that these regimes can be destabilized via modulational and Turing-type instabilities, as well as by a bifurcation leading to the appearance of square-waves. We investigate the formation of square-waves and mode-locked pulses in the system. We show that mode-locked pulses are very asymmetric with exponential decay of the trailing and superexponential growth of the leading edge. We discuss asymmetric interaction of these pulses leading to a formation of harmonic mode-locked regimes.