Nonlinear Waves and Turbulence in Photonics 2022 - Abstract

Tlidi, Mustapha

Impact of Raman scattering on dissipative solitons in Kerr resonators

In optical resonators subjected to a coherent optical injection, we explore the generation of dissipative solitons in the presence of stimulated Raman scattering. This simple device is described by coupled Lugiato-Lefever equations. In regime devoid of modulational instability, the stabilization of dissipative solitons is attributed to a front locking mechanism in the bistable regime. We characterize their formation by drawing their bifurcation. It is shown that both branches of localized structures exhibit a heteroclinic collapsed snaking type of behavior. In the last part of this communication, We consider an optical resonator containing a photonic crystal fiber and driven coherently by an injected beam. This device is described by a generalized Lugiato-Lefever equation with fourth-order dispersion and Raman?scattering. In the regime where homogeneous steady states exhibit a modulational instability, we derive a simple real order parameter equation with nonlocal delayed Raman effect. We show that this equation can support moving dissipative solitons, and that their bifurcation diagram shows multiple isolated branches of localized solutions that aren't connected to modulational instability thresholds.