Nonlinear Dynamics in Semiconductor Lasers - Abstract

Kantner, Markus

Modeling and simulation of carrier dynamics in quantum dot based single-photon sources

Single-photon sources (SPSs) are key components for many interesting applications in the field of quantum cryptography, optical quantum computing and quantum metrology. Self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) are excellent candidates for the realization of SPSs since they show a tailorable discrete energy spectrum, narrow linewidth and can be directly fabricated within semiconductor microcavities using well established growth techniques. Modeling and numerical simulation of electronic transport in SPSs can help to explore the limits and bottlenecks in the carrier injection dynamics in terms of high repetition frequency and emission time jitter reduction for various device concepts. We aim for a comprehensive, self-consistent modeling approach describing the semi-classical bulk carrier transport (drift-diffusion) and the carrier-scattering cascade over 2D wetting layer states into a single QD. In our model, the QD will be regarded as an open quantum system. The carrier recombination kinetics of the electronic states in the QD will be described by a quantum master equation in Lindblad form.