Nonlinear Dynamics in Semiconductor Lasers - Abstract

Gurevich, Svetlana

Impact of time-delayed feedback on spatiotemporal patterns in broad area VCSEL with saturable absorber

We are interested in spatiotemporal dynamics of cavity solitons (CSs) in a transverse section of a broad area vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) with saturable absorbtion subject to delayed optical feedback. In the absence of delayed feedback, a single branch of localized solutions appears in the parameter space. However, in the presence of the delayed feedback, multistability of CS solutions emerges; The branches of CSs fill the surface of the ßolution tube" in the parameter space, which is filled densely with increasing delay time. Further, our study reveals that the multistability of stationary solutions is caused by a delayed-induced phase bifurcation of CSs. In addition, it was shown that stability properties of CSs strongly depend on the delayed feedback parameters. In particular, the thresholds of the drift and phase bifurcations as well as corresponding bifurcation diagrams are obtained by a combination of analytical and numerical continuation methods. Moreover, a coupling between this bifurcation scenarios with delay-induced multistability can lead to a complex spatiotemporal behavior of the system in question.