Nonlinear Dynamics in Semiconductor Lasers - Abstract

Tlidi, Mustapha

Localized plateau-beam resulting from strong nonlocal coupling in the Lugiato-Lefever model

We discuss the role of nonlocal response in the stabilization of new class of localized light in the transverse section of a ring cavity. We focus on negative diffraction regime where homogeneous steady states of the system are modulationally stable. Negative refraction regime is achieved by considering a left-handed material and a nonlocal effect arises from a nematic liquid crystal. Indeed, experimental measurement of a strong nonlocal response of a nematic liquid crystals has been carried out. We provide a detailed analysis of the formation of localized structures with a varying plateau size by : (i) A reduction of a simple bistable model with nonlocal interaction. (ii) A derivation a formula for the stationary width of localized structure.. and (iii) Perform numerical simulations in one and two dimensional settings and compare our theoretical predictions with the numerical results.