Nonlinear Dynamics in Semiconductor Lasers - Abstract

Sujecki, Slawomir

Modelling the dynamics of Q-switched fibre lasers operating at 3 micrometre wavelength

Erbium doped ZBLAN fibre lasers operating at 3 ?m have many advantages, i.e. a simple pumping mechanism relying on a standard 980 nm pump semiconductor laser technology, which had been developed for pumping the EDFAs. Also erbium doped ZBLAN fibres are easily commercially available from several manufactures at a moderate cost. The output power levels achieved from Erbium doped ZBLAN fibre lasers reached 24 W in CW and 12 W when Q-switched. The pulse energy achieved so far exceeds 0.5 mJ. The design of these lasers has therefore attracted a large attention. Several models based on the method of characteristics have been developed. In this contribution we consider the application of the finite difference method of lines for this purpose. We discuss the derivations of improved finite difference approximations for the spatial derivatives and the selection of efficient numerical integration algorithms for the resulting set of ordinary differential equations.