Leibniz MMS Days 2024 - Abstract

Thiele, Jan Philipp

Code and perish?! How about publishing your software?

(joint activity with Burkhard Schmidt)

Software is an important cornerstone in modern scientific research that is of significant importance throughout the MMS Research Network. Reproducibility and good scientific practices are improved by sharing your codes in an open fashion and by giving credit and proper reference to the software used during simulations.

In this workshop we want to discuss how both citing and publishing software can be done depending on the type of software which can range from simple analysis scripts to large software libraries. This range is reflected by the application classes described in the Guidlines of the DLR Software Engineering Initiative, which will be presented at the beginning of the workshop. We propose to discuss together how your own software fits in these categories and what your current practices on software citation are.

This workshop also entails further topics around publication of software and citation practices which we would like to briefly present, e.g. information on software journals, open source licenses or semantic versioning which may be of interest for researchers at different levels of experience.