Leibniz MMS Days 2024 - Abstract

Lasser, Tobias

Computed Tomography of the X-ray Dark-field and reconstruction algorithms

X-ray imaging typically focuses on the absorption contrast, but there is also refraction and small angle scattering that can provide interesting, complementary imaging contrast. Using grating interferometry, it has become feasible to measure small angle scattering, typically called the X-ray dark-field contrast, and to perform computed tomography (CT) for 3D imaging of the X-ray dark-field. In this talk, we will present insights both into the first clinical prototype of an X-ray CT scanner for isotropic dark-field CT and into the computed tomography of the anisotropic X-ray dark-field contrast using lab-based setups. We will present suitable mathematical forward models as well as reconstruction algorithms for both imaging modalities, using optimization-based and data-driven approaches.