Leibniz MMS Days 2023 - Abstract

Manganelli, Costanza Lucia

Engineering of materials for CMOS microelectronics

Recently, the goals of obtaining a light source fully integrated on Silicon has boosted the exploitation of alternative semiconductor materials (strained Ge, GeSn), whose properties and performance appear superior to those of Silicon itself, towards their application in photonics, sensing, THz technology and quantum computing. For this, the experimental analysis such as Raman Spectroscopy , Photoluminesce and XRay Spectroscopy needs to be coupled to a proper simulation platform, in order not only to give the correct interpretation of experimental data, but also to provide prediction and optimization of material process and device design. Here we provide a systematic study on how the temperature-dependent distribution of strain can impact the optical and transport performance of semiconductor devices. We investigate strained Ge microdisks, instrumental to develop a guideline for integrated light emitters, and also metal electrodes for quantum confinement in CMOS compatible devices.