Leibniz MMS Days 2023 - Abstract

Mauerhoff, Felix

Extending the emission wavelengths of GaAs-based diode lasers from red towards orange

The emission wavelength range of semiconductor lasers is intrinsically limited by their material properties. These limitations are investigated by applying several model calculations. We systematically investigate lasers based on GaInP quantum wells (QW) embedded in AlGaInP based on GaAs. The focus is on extending the short wavelength range towards 600nm. For this purpose, we use the following simulation approaches: strain model, deformation potential theory, finite potential well model, critical layer thickness model, kp8-bandstructure calculation, gain calculations and waveguide equation. We point out the intrinsic limitations of the laser structure investigated. A laser emission wavelength of 626 nm is analyzed as an example and this approach is adaptable for different wavelengths.