Leibniz MMS Days 2023 - Abstract

Reidelbach, Marco

MaRDMO - An RDMO plugin to document and query MSO Workflows using the MaRDI Knowledge Graph.

The Mathematical Research Data Initiative (MaRDI) has set itself the goal of making information about mathematical objects, e.g. algorithms or models, available in a structured and easy-to-find manner in the form of a knowledge graph. The linking of all these objects with concrete research questions, input and output data, software and hardware is done in specific model-simulation-optimization workflows. To achieve reproducibility of these, often interdisciplinary, workflows, detailed documentation is required. For this purpose, a standardized workflow documentation template was developed in the MaRDI project, which can be completed by answering a simple questionnaire in RDMO. Workflows recorded in this way can be published directly on the MaRDI portal. In addition, central information of the documentations is integrated into the MaRDI Knowledge Graph. Next to the pure documentation of workflows, MaRDMO offers the possibility to retrieve existing workflows from the MaRDI Knowledge Graph in order to provide researchers with suggestions for future projects and to document workflows based on these suggestions. Thus, MaRDMO creates a community-driven knowledge loop that could help to overcome the replication crisis.