Leibniz MMS Days 2023 - Abstract

Radziunas, Mindaugas

Modeling, simulation, and analysis of dynamics in semiconductor lasers: a brief overview of the WIAS-FBH collaboration.

Semiconductor laser (SL) devices are important light sources used in numerous modern applications, including those demanding high-power emission, particular dynamical behavior, or enhanced stability and coherence of the emitted fields. Accurate modeling and simulations of the SL dynamics are required to improve the SL performance or evaluate novel design concepts. To enable efficient simulation and analysis, which are necessary for understanding laser operation, we consider a whole hierarchy of models, ranging from the dynamical systems of PDEs in 3 and 2 spatial dimensions down to DDEs and ODEs. In this talk, I will briefly report on the development of the models, numerical tools, and methods for model analysis performed in the frame of different collaborative projects between two Leibniz institutes, namely the Weierstrass and the Ferdinand-Braun institutes, during the last decade.