Leibniz MMS Days 2022 - Abstract

Nolte, David

The MaRDI portal for mathematical research data

Mathematical research data (MRD), arising in many scientific fields, encompass widely different types of data and can be vast and complex, e.g., numerical data sets, mathematical expressions, algorithms, etc. The NFDI MRD Initiative (MaRDI) aims to define standards for MRD, to design verifiable workflows and to provide services to the scientific community. The services will be bundled in a web portal, allowing researchers to easily find and access mathematical research data, knowledge and services. In addition, the portal will offer storage capacities and host services for workflow and algorithm execution. At the core of the portal lies a mathematical knowledge graph which organizes and interconnects data from multiple sources. The main contribution of the portal is providing a unified entry point to access scattered and unconnected data. This talk gives an overview of the current status and planned features of the portal, and its value for the mathematical community.