Leibniz MMS Days 2022 - Abstract

Stegmüller, Johannes

Overview and discussion of the progress of math search technologies

The number of scientific publications containing mathematical expressions is immense and constantly growing. For example, zbMATH Open, the world's longest-running abstracting and review service for mathematical content, indexes over 160 million formulas. Mathematical formula search is a core technology for finding scientific documents where formulas are defined as input. Since the introduction of many mathematical search systems in the NTCIR Math-Task series from 2013, there have been further advances and implementations of formula search. In the first 15 minutes of our talk, we want to provide an overview of current methods of formula search and related applications. According to the FAIR principles, we will emphasize aspects of reusability and accessibility here. Then, for the next 10 minutes, we intend to reach out to the audience and have a lively discussion on the planned efforts and experiences of the community with formula search.