Leibniz MMS Days 2020 - Abstract

Arndt, Susanne

A terminology service - mastering science's Babylonian confusion

Research depends on information retrieval both in the analogous and in the digital realm. An ethically sound information retrieval process in turn depends on a carefully curated knowledge base - a terminology, taxonomy, or thesaurus, that is. As the Semantic, Multilingual Glossary of Mathematics (SMGloM) and the Open Research Knowledge Graph (ORKG) illustrate, a controlled vocabulary is a step towards a machine-interpretable semantic web for mathematics. Already, multidisciplinary research fields within applied mathematics maintain ad hoc project vocabularies in order to guarantee precise and smooth communication between partners. Unfortunately, most vocabularies are not created according to latest standards in knowledge engineering and, thus, may never be inter-connected with each other. The vision of TIB's terminology service provides a modern framework to create, curate, transfer, maintain, and interlink new and existing subject-specific vocabularies.