Leibniz MMS Days 2020 - Abstract

Kraft, Angelina

Improving research data quality and FAIRness on the example of Atmospheric Model Data

Numerical models describe our beliefs about how the world functions. For example, climate changes are studied with the help of model calculations. These simulations generate large amounts of data that are useful for scientists and stakeholders. The AtMoDat project, which brings together atmospheric scientists and infrastructure providers, aims to improve the quality and FAIRness of atmospheric model data and thus promote their re-use. Standardization of file structure and metadata is well established in internationally coordinated climate model comparison studies (CMIP6). However, standards are missing in smaller disciplines such as urban climate modelling and cloud research. AtMoDat is committed to introduce standardized output files for all atmospheric model disciplines, and aims to add a generic quality indicator to the DataCite DOI schema. This quality indicator should be applicable to data from all disciplines and will contribute towards a better reusability of research data.