Leibniz MMS Days 2020 - Abstract

Becker, Andreas

Engineering of materials for CMOS microelectronics

Historically, technological progress in microelectronics has been predominantly fueled by geometrical miniaturization of the components, as described by the famous Moore‘s law. Due to existing physical limitations of further down-scaling, the focus of research shifts toward extension of the existing functionality and integration of different technologies into a single platform, which is described as the „More than Moore“ approach. This approach relies on the discovery and synthesis of novel materials and their integration into established technology. Accordingly, in the materials research department of IHP we conduct research on 2D materials, nanostructures and semiconductor alloys, which is framed by the requirements of our in-house pilot line for wafer-scale CMOS technologies. I will give an overview over these research topics and furthermore present selected ongoing projects in which we focus on the experimental realization of novel materials using molecular beam epitaxy and chemical vapor deposition.