Dynamics of Coupled Oscillator Systems - Abstract

Zakharova, Anna

Coherence resonance in multiplex neural networks

Using the model of a FitzHugh-Nagumo system in the excitable regime, we study the impact of multiplexing on coherence resonance in a two-layer network [1]. We show that multiplexing allows for the control of the noise-induced dynamics. In particular, we find that multiplexing induces coherence resonance in networks that do not demonstrate this phenomenon in isolation. Examples are provided by deterministic networks and networks where the strength of interaction between the elements is not optimal for coherence resonance. In both cases, we show that the control strategy based on multiplexing can be successfully applied even for weak coupling between the layers. Moreover, for the case of deterministic networks, we obtain a counter-intuitive result: the multiplex-induced coherence resonance in the layer which is deterministic in isolation manifests itself even more strongly than that in the noisy layer. [1] N. Semenova, A. Zakharova, Weak multiplexing induces coherence resonance, Chaos 28, 051104 (2018)