The -A Switch: Assigns region attributes

The -A switch assigns an additional attribute to each tetrahedron that identifies what facet-bounded region each tetrahedron belongs to. Attributes are assigned to regions by the .poly file or .smesh file. If a region is not explicitly marked by the .poly file or .smesh file, tetrahedra in that region are assigned an attribute of zero. The -A switch has an effect only when the -p switch is used and the -r switch is not.

Examples of Using the '-A' Switch

The geometry of this example is a rectangular bar shown below. In additional, it has two boundary markers (-1 and -2) and two regions (-10 and -20) defined as shown in the below picture. The source file is bar2.poly


The command line:

tetgen -pAa0.1 bar2
generates a tetrahedral mesh (shown below) in files "bar2.1.node", "bar2.1.ele", and file "bar2.1.face" contains the boundary faces. Each tetrahedron in file "bar2.1.ele" contains a region number. In the following picture, tetrahedra belong to two different regions are shown in different colors.

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