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Forschungsprojekte Entwickler Gruppe
Quantum mechanical and macroscopic models for optoelectronic devices K. Hoke
FG 1
Numerical Simulation of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC) J. Fuhrmann FG 3
Thermohaline convection in the subsurface J. Fuhrmann FG 3
Photoresist development modeling J. Fuhrmann FG 3
Design of a simulation tool to identify stable milling processes O. Rott
FG 4
Modeling and optimization of phase transitions in steel D. Kern
FG 4
Reduced-Order Modelling and Optimal Control of Robot Guided Laser Material Treatments A. Steinbrecher FG 4

Komponenten genutzt in pdelib2 Komponente Gruppe
KristMAG - Optimizing Czochralski crystal growth by applying electromagnetic forces Grid partitioning
FG 7
3D Semiconductor devices (FG 3) Visualization
FG 3

2010/02/12    T. Streckenbach