COG 2.1

Please Note...

The maintainer of COG has left the WIAS. In the consequence, the WIAS is not able to give any support or to proceed any requests concerning COG. A mesh generation tool which is actively maintained and supported by WIAS is TetGen by Hang Si.

3D Grid Generation and Geometry Description Package

COG 2.1 is a 2D and 3D Delaunay grid generation package with local anisotropic refinement, based on a geometry interface which allows almost arbitrary geometries (solid modelling with boolean operations, funtional definition, pixmaps).


The tutorial contains working test code for the following and many other examples:


The public domain version can be downloaded.


Some general purpose C++ classes used in COG 2.1 have been separated into the C++ library WZ 1.1.

Interface differences with version 2.0: Coordinate transformation management changed, operations run, use renamed - use now cog resp. coguse.