Prof. Dr. Wolfgang König 

WIAS Berlin Technische UNIVERSITÄT Berlin

My PhD students:


15 Dec 2010 , University of Leipzig: Sylvia Schmidt, Das parabolische Anderson-Modell mit Be- und Entschleunigung

9. March, 2011, University of Leipzig: Patrick Schmid, Random processes in truncated and ordinary Weyl chambers

27 July, 2011, University of Leipzig: Chiranjib Mukherjee (MPI Leipzig): Large deviations for Brownian intersection local times

27 September, 2011, TU Berlin: Adrian Schnitzler (TU Berlin): Asymptotic properties of the parabolic Anderson model (joint with Prof. Gärtner)

22 April, 2013, TU Berlin: Michele Salvi (TU Berlin): The random conductance model: local times large deviations, law of large numbers and effective conductance.

6 June, 2013, TU Berlin: Tilman Wolff (WIAS Berlin): Random walk local times, Dirichlet energy and effective conductivity in the random conductance model.

13 November, 2013, Universität Leipzig: Mathias Becker (Universität Leipzig / WIAS Berlin): Asymptotische Resultate über Lokalzeiten von Irrfahrten im $Z^d$


ongoing (all titles are preliminary):

Ozren Sekulovic: Moment asymptotics for branching random walks in random environment