Winter Semester 2019/2020

Scientific Computing (Wissenschaftliches Rechnen), TU Berlin

Times and Location:

Content Summary


Number Due Date Description
01 2019-11-12 pdf

Lecture material

The notebooks (.ipynb) files are meant for execution on Jupyter servers like that of the TU Berlin Unix pool. It can be accessed via your wir-xyz account of the UNIX pool. The uploaded notebooks have not been executed. The html and pdf versions are based on the executed variants.

Date Topic Slides nb.ipynb nb.html nb.pdf
01 2019-10-15 Intro pdf
02 2019-10-17 Julia intro pdf jupyter html pdf
03 2019-10-22 Julia type system jupyter html pdf
04 2019-10-24 Floating point jupyter html pdf
05 2019-10-29 Direct Solvers jupyter html pdf
06 2019-11-07 Plotting jupyter html pdf
07 2019-11-12 Iterative methods pdf
08 2019-11-14 Linear Solvers/Homework jupyter html pdf
09 2019-11-19 M-Matrix pdf
10 2019-11-21 M-Matrix/Benchmark pdf jupyter html pdf
11 2019-11-26 Krylov subspace methods pdf
12 2019-12-03 PDE intro pdf
13 2019-12-05 Triangulation jupyter html pdf
14 2019-12-10 Finite volumes pdf

A script is developed by combining and sometimes commenting the slides (without the recapitulations at the beginning). It will be more economical to print the script than the slides.

Page updates

(besides slide uploads)

2019-11-12 Overhauled slide and notebook uploading scheme
2019-09-17 Updated information for WS 2019/20

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