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ICM 2010 Logo

ICM 2010 Logo

The logo for ICM 2010 depicts the standard fundamental domain for the  modular group SL(2,Z) acting on the upper half plane. The formula written along the circular arc is a famous conjecture of the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan proved by Pierre Deligne in 1973. The quotation in Sanskrit at the bottom of the logo is  from the Rig Veda an ancient Indian religious work dating back to more  than 1000 years before the start of the Christian era. It translates as  “May good ideas come to us from everywhere.

The logo is based on an idea of M.S. Raghunathan; the first design was done in PostScript by Pablo Arés (you can see a JPEG file of it here). The final version was done by Ms. Minal Bagkar, of Ruta Designs, Mumbai.


The presentation made by the Indian delegation to the IMU General Assembly in August 2006 is available as a PDF file at this link or as an HTML file at this other link. The image used in the background of that (PDF) presentation is due to Paul Olivier Dehaye and Henry Segerman; we would like to thank the authors for allowing us to use their image.

This Website

The previous design of this website was due to SurfZone Technologies. In this present form, the site is designed by Jagannathan V N, E-Lokam.COM.

This site is maintained by the ICM2010 website committee.

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