Leibniz MMS Days 2017 - Abstract

Bauer, Tobias

Investigation of phenomena in the Western Baltic Sea: Coupling of ICON and GETM with ESMF

To understand the processes of local phenomena over the Baltic Sea such as Coastal Upwelling or Salinity Inversion, we are coupling an atmosphere and ocean model with the Earth System Modelling Framework (ESMF). For the atmospheric part the operational model of the German Weather Service (ICON) is utilized in a nested limited area mode. The General Estuarine Turbulence Model (GETM) has been chosen for the local ocean model. Typical coupling issues are the different grid schemes of the models and hence, a set and choice of suitable interpolation/regridding methods is required. Within our framework, the state variables (e.g. temperature) and flux data (e.g. heat flux) has to be interpolated from the unstructured triangular grid of ICON to the structured rectangular latitude longitude grid of GETM and vice versa. Furthermore, due to different grids, the land sea masking of each model has to be considered for the interpolation. Additionally, when using a parallel infrastructure, the number of processes has to be chosen such that the coupled model runs well balanced. Since we are using the concurrent structure ESMF is providing, the focus is on the reduce of possible waiting time for each model. The presentation shall give an overview about these issues, how we are addressing them within our coupled model framework and some results of first runs.