Leibniz MMS Days 2017 - Abstract

Faust, Matthias

0:An online coupled Lagrangian particle dispersion model for COSMO

Lagrangian particle dispersion models (LPDM) are a well-known method for modeling exhaust gas distributions and similar problems. Open accessible LPDM's, e.g., the FLEXPART model are designed for meso-scale simulations and work offline coupled with the coarse frequented output data of any numerical weather prediction model. But the central issue there is that high resolution simulations of small scale phenomena need a high frequency input of meteorological data fields to work accuracy, which can directly be provided by an online coupled model system. Based on the COSMO trajectory module the model LAPASI was developed that integrates an online coupled Lagrangian particle transport into the default COSMO version. It supports any kind of simulation that are possible with the COSMO including idealized cases and can handle a couple Million particles with individual start times, start locations and dry depositions velocities. Thus, LAPASI is a useful extension for COSMO and a necessary addition to the previously existing LPDM's.